Greece Passenger Locator Form

Greece Passenger Locator Form.

Greece PLF Application Portal

Passengers arriving into or returning to Greece from ANY country, MUST complete a Passenger Locator Form.

Please note: You should submit your information to The Travel Visa Company at least 3 calendar days before your arrival date into Greece to ensure you receive your confirmation in time

PCR Covid Travel Test

ALL those travelling to Greece from the UK MUST have a valid negative PCR Covid Travel Test dated within 72 hours of your travel date. You can register for your PCR Covid Travel Test with The Travel Visa Company using the following link Click Here


Passengers returning to the UK from ANY country, MUST ALSO complete a UK Passenger Locator Form for the purposes of track and trace.

You can only submit a PLF yourself within the 48 hours before you enter the UK i.e, when you are still abroad. If you opt to do this while abroad you should only use the Gov.UK website. If you do not submit your PLF before arriving it may take longer to enter the UK.

Alternatively, for a small fee, you can submit your information before you travel, and The Travel Visa Company will complete your PLF on your behalf and email you the confirmation within the 48 hours before your arrival into the UK. You will simply need to show the confirmation on your mobile / tablet device. UK PLF APPLICATIONS CAN BE MADE HERE

Price Breakdown.

Product Type Service Fee VAT Total
Greece PLF £24.96 £4.99 £29.95