Jamaica Visa

Jamaica Visa Application Portal


Each applicant must complete their own application.

All travellers to Jamaica must currently conduct a PCR COVID test 72 hours prior to travel and complete a Travel Authorisation Form.

What to Expect

  1. Application – Use the online portal to submit your application and upload your supporting documents
  2. Submission – After thoroughly quality checking your application and supporting documents to embassy standard, The Travel Visa Company will submit your application details to the relevant authority.
  3. Approval – Once the visa is issued, The Travel Visa Company will arrange safe return of your passport and newly issued visa.

Price Breakdown.

Product Type Processing Time Embassy Fee Service Fee VAT Total
Jamaica Visa 15 Days £32.00 £40.00 £8.00 £80.00

View Supporting Document Checklist

It is important that, before you continue this online application, you ensure that you have digital copies of the following documents as you will be required to upload these.

  • Passport photocopy – You MUST upload a copy of your passport information/picture page.
  • Flight Booking – You MUST upload a a copy of your flight bookings

    This must show you entering and exiting the country.
  • Photograph – You MUST upload a passport-style photograph.

    Photograph must have been taken within the previous 6 months.
  • Accommodation Booking – You MUST upload a copy of your accommodation booking.

    This must show your entire period of stay and your full name.
  • Business Letter – IF you are travelling for business, you MUST upload a a copy of your most recent bank statement to prove sufficient funds are available for this trip