Nigeria Business Visa

Welcome to the Nigeria Business Visa online application portal provided by The Travel Visa Company Ltd. Below is a list of important information that you may need to know before applying. Please note: This portal is specifically for those requiring a visa for business purposes.

If you plan to carry out any tourist related activities please use our tourist application portal, Click here


This visa application requires all applicants to make a personal appearance at a Nigerian visa application centre in either London or Manchester. As part of our service, we will arrange this appointment for you. Applicants should attend the visa application centre appointment no earlier than 45 days before their proposed travel date

Nigeria Business single-entry visas are valid for use within 6 months of issuance. Multiple-entry visas are valid for 1 year.

The embassy’s application fee is payable at the time of online registration and must be paid for using the applicant’s payment card. As such, the applicant must be available to take a call from The Travel Visa Company at the time this is being actioned for security purposes.

Embassy fees vary depending on the nationality of the traveller. The current charge for British citizens is $314 for a single-entry visa and $642 for a multiple-entry visa.

Applicants making their first Nigeria visa application are advised to apply for a single-entry visa. It is unlikely a multiple-entry visa will be issued to first time applicants.

What is included with our Pre-Check and Application Registration service?

  • We quality check your application form and all supporting documents to ensure you have provided all the required information, reducing the risk of refusal at the embassy.
  • We complete the official online Nigeria Visa application forms on your behalf.
  • We arrange your appointment at the Nigeria visa application centre in London or Manchester at a convenient date and time (dependant on opening hours and appointment availability).

Price Breakdown

Service Type Processing Time Embassy Fee Service Fee VAT Total
Standard 15 days Dependent on nationality £83.29 £16.66 £99.95
Priority 5 days Dependent on nationality £124.96 £24.99 £149.95

View Supporting Document Checklist

It is important that, before you continue this online application, you ensure that you have digital copies of the following documents as you will be required to upload these.

  • Copy of Passport – Please provide a copy of the information page of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of arrival in Nigeria and have at least two blank facing pages.
  • Photograph – This photograph must be taken no more than 2 weeks prior to submission, against a light background, be full face, and non-smiling (without sunglasses, a hat/capor other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious beliefs or ethnic background).
  • UK Employer Letter – A Letter issued by your UK Employer. This must include the applicant’s name and passport number, full address of the company in Nigeria, purpose of travel, and travel dates. Please ensure the letter is signed, dated, and addressed to the Nigerian High Commission, 9 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London, WC2N 5BX. If the inviting company in Nigeria is part of the same company you work for in the UK, you must still provide a letter from the UK office and an invitation letter from the Nigerian office.
  • Travel Tickets – A copy of your flight tickets that must show your name and flights in and out of Nigeria
  • Accommodation Booking – A copy of your hotel booking confirmation. This must show the applicant’s name, the name and address of the hotel, and check in/out dates.
  • Invitation Letter – IF you are being invited to Nigeria, please provide a typed invitation letter from your host. The letter must reference the inviter’s details, including name, address, and contact details and the applicant’s details including their name and passport number. The letter must also detail your purpose of travel and any plans you have whilst in Nigeria. Please ensure the letter is signed, dated, and addressed to the Nigerian High Commission, 9 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London, WX2N 5BX.
  • Inviter’s Identification – IF you are being invited to Nigeria, you must provide a copy of your host’s passport. If the host does not hold a Nigerian passport, you must also provide a copy of their Nigerian residency permit. <.li>
  • Nigerian Company Registration – Corporate Affairs Commission registration Certificate (CAC) from inviting Nigerian company.
  • UK Visa – IF you hold a non-UK passport, please provide a copy of your UK BRP card or proof of settlement status.