Sri Lanka Transit eVisa

Sri Lanka.

Transit eVisa Online Application Portal

Welcome to the Transit eVisa online application portal provided by The Travel Visa Company Ltd. Here, you can apply for your Sri Lanka Transit eVisa. Below is a list of important information that you may need to know before applying.


A Sri Lanka Transit eVisa is valid for a single entry of up to 4 days and your travel into Sri Lanka must happen as part of an onward journey to another country.

All nationals are eligible for a 2 day transit eVisa waiver.

If your length of stay in Sri Lanka exceeds 4 days or is not part of an onward journey, you will not be eligible for a Transit eVisa. Instead, you will require a Tourist eVisa. For further information, please see our ‘Sri Lanka Tourist eVisa’ service or contact us for further details.

Nationals of certain countries are not eligible for an eVisa and must apply for a visa through the Sri Lankan Embassy. Additionally, some nationals, depending on their length of stay, are exempt from eVisa and visa requirements. To check your eligibility, please contact The Travel Visa Company.

British passport holders will require an eVisa, unless they are eligible for the 2 day transit eVisa waiver.

Price Breakdown.

Service Type Processing Time Embassy Fee Service Fee VAT Total
Standard 10 days* £40.00 £29.13 £5.82 £74.95

*Working days/hours excluding postal days.

View Supporting Document Checklist

It is important that, before you continue this online application, you ensure that you have digital copies of the following documents as you will be required to upload these. If your application requires disclosure of a police record, we cannot proceed with processing until we receive this

  • Passport Copy – Copy of the photograph/information page of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry into Sri Lanka.
  • Photograph – Passport style photograph taken within the last 6 months and against a white/light background.
  • Cruise Itinerary – Copy of your cruise itinerary/booking confirmation. This must show your name(s), entry and exit dates and your destination country following your departure from Sri Lanka.