Vietnam Single Entry Tourist Visa


Vietnam Single Entry Tourist Visa

Thank you for choosing The Travel Visa Company. Below is a list of important information that you may need to know before applying. Please note: This portal is specifically for those requiring a visa for tourist purposes.


We will need to post/email forms for you to sign and return once you have submitted your application

Once your visa is issued, it will be posted to you in order to place in your passport

Price Breakdown

Visa Type Processing Time Embassy Fee Service Fee VAT Total
Single Entry – 30 Days validity 4 Days* £77.00 £58.33 £11.67 £147.00
Single Entry – 30 Days validity 10 Days* £77.00 £41.67 £8.33 £127.00
Single Entry – 90 Days Validity 4 Days* £114.00 £58.33 £11.67 £184.00
Single Entry – 90 Days Validity 10 Days* £114.00 £41.67 £8.33 £164.00

*Processing times refer to working days.

View Supporting Document Checklist

It is important that, before you continue this online application, you ensure that you have digital copies of the following documents as you will be required to upload these.

  • Passport Photograph – The photograph should be clear, on a white background, and sized 5cm by 5cm. If the photo you submit is not suitable we may contact you to ask for another, or if you would like us to edit this for a small fee (£5.00)
  • Passport Copy – Please provide a quality copy of your passport details page. For clarification this includes both the photo page and the details below.
  • Vietnamese Approval Letter – Each applicant needs an approval letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam. This is usually provded by your Tour Operator. If you do not yet have this, you may still submit your application but you will need to forward tbis on to us once received. You may also request your Tour Operator sends this directly to The Travel Visa Company..